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ELtouch loves to move arts and artists around. We believe that visibility is of an utmost importance in an artists career. 

Therefore, once you become one of ELtouch’s artists, we will help you connect to world famous galleries and create your own path. We also love to sit and have a coffee with you from time to time to see in which direction should your career go. Remember that ELtouch’s aim is to create a safe-space for you to thrive. Want to collaborate with us?

Amirmahdy Zahedy

Amirmahdy Zahedy

Born in 1987, Amirmahdy Zahedy, has a rich background in Architecture, Graphic design and Sculpture. 

Amirmehdy tries to dodge his government’s rigorous censorship laws using his favorite toy as a child, legos! Playful and naive, pure and colourful.

The ever expanding collection is called “The child with existential thoughts” and has been exhibited in Tehran and then in Florence by ELtouch, both is group and solo exhibitions.