Who we are?

Artistic practices are round experiences. Round in the sense that they start with a perception of the reality that turns into a train of thoughts. Artists, with their urge to expressevolve this experience into an exposition that gives the spectators a certain stimuli to perceive and therefore experience, interpret and appreciate. 

First within, then without and then within again. 

We are strong believers of movement and change. Our first and foremost scope is to create a safe space for ourselves and share it with other creative people. A space in which we can all – and for once – feel safe enough to exploreimaginemake and enjoy this cycle

From a very young age the two of us have had the privilege of exploring different cultures, connecting with people from all over the world and experiencing different aspects of our artistic selves in different scenarios. We also have another element in common, ambition

After years of romanticizing, we now proudly present to you EL-touch! An ever growing concept with many powers and ready to surpass any obstacle the road might bring about. Why EL? Ask us again later.

ELtouch, is and will always be a floating idea that changes shape and dimension. 

We work in three different continents – and counting -, we collaborate with artists, we create, we let other people create using our means, we party and we take care of our love for beauty

So, if you are a creative person with either concrete art in hand or an idea in your head, contact us or come visit us! Where?

Energy flows where attention goes; our attention now is on curating different forms of art and giving emerging artists a voice and a safe space to explore their art and expose it shoulder to shoulder with some of the most known artists in the world. We love to make a beautiful mess! Nature is arbitrary and we strive to remain as natural as possible.